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Graded Comics
Graded Comics

Check out this new easy-change frame designed specifically for comic books by a hard-core comic book collector. (Sam)

Here's the new concept:
Quality wood frames designed to display comic books without mashing or bending your books. They're fast, easy and fun to change out. That's right, I said fun!

Here's how it works: The compartment opens from the top and the comics slide in. Comics stay protected inside their Mylar-D bag and board (included) and come in a variety of standard sizes and colors. Change your frame out in under 10 seconds. It's just that simple. 

 Some of their well-made features are:

  • Frames are easy to handle, turn upside-down and stand on a shelf.
  • Stackable-Paintable-Loveable.
  • Strong durable construction made from hand selected quality pine.
  • High impact plexiglas is strong, lightweight and replaceable.
  • Condition preservation is the #1 design feature.  

What's so great about all this?

For starters, comics stay protected by their bag and board (Mylar-D bag included). No part of the frame ever touches the comic. Comics are easy to change. Comics can go stright from storage box and into the frame. Frames rest flush against the wall, so the compartment holds books perfectly straight without being mashed up against the glass, and without sagging or curling.

This new design allows you to change out your comic books quickly and easily without fear of damaging your books. When you're worried about condition as much as I am, you'll understand why I designed these frames. Rotate your books out as often as you like. Put your new books in every week, or your recent Silver Age acquisitions. If you're like me, you have far too many favorites to decide what you want to frame. Now you can display them all.

Hanging wire is pre-attached so they're ready to use and ready to hang right out of the box. Oh, and they're hand-made to order by Sam, right here in the USA.

Free Shipping with purchase of 10 frames or more! (Cont. U.S. orders only)

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