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100 Sheets 500 Sheets 1000 Sheets Add 25 or 50 Sheets
100 Sheets 500 Sheets 1000 Sheets Add 25 or 50 Sheets
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Microchamber Acid-Absorbing Paper

  • Absorb acid, pollutants and other by-products 
  • Eliminate odors from smoke, mold, and mildew
  • The same paper CGC uses before encasing comics
  • Conservation Resources Watermark
  • Now Available for 11x17 Original Art 

This paper is a thin, pure white, 100% cotton paper, containing an unobtrusive watermark for easy identification. It is approximately one half the thickness of a sheet of bond paper (0025-.0028 in., 65g/m2). Microchamber Interleaving paper can be used with all collections, whether paper-based or photographic.

Comic book paper is made from tree pulp. A tree's cellulose material, LIGNIN, turns the paper into ACID over time. Most people know that a bag will help protect a comic but don't know why. Exposure to open air greatly accelerates acid decomposition, but even with the best bags money can buy (mylars), your comics will still turn yellow then brown and eventually crumble into tiny brittle shards that disentegrate into the wind, completing the cycle of life by fertilizing the growth of new trees. It's a tragic love story. Acid loves your comics so much that it destroys them so no one else can have them.

You can prolong the life and current condition of your comics by absorbing acid and other byproducts of decomposition, and prevent acid migration by using MICROCHAMABER PAPER. Space sheets every 3 or 4 pages plus one sheet on the inside front and back covers.

Consider using Mylar bags with 300x the protection of poly bags from penetrating gases and last over 100 years without losing that protection. It's hardly a comparison. You save money over the long term and avoid handling the comic just to change bags. Remember even with mylar protection the lignin in the paper pulp is turning into acid. The damage is happening from inside the comic, and the rate is accellerated when exposured to air. Mylars seal it from the air and the microchamber paper will absorb the naturally generated acid.

There are several types of paper on the market for various industrial purposes. Beware of sellers trying to sell them for comics. Microchamber Interleaving Paper with SPZ zeolite is the only technology designed for absorbing acid from paper, and features a conservation resources watermark on every page. 

Paper dimensions are 6 1/2" x 10 1/8".