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Triple Magazine Frame

Inlcudes a mylar bag and board for each compartment. I also include an extra bag, but you can purchase extra in small increments or in full packs.

You can choose a frame that uses mylar bags or one that frames a magazine without bags. There are a few sizes of mylar bags for magazines, but the 8 3/4" x 11 1/2" is the most common. You place the magazine in the mylar bag and then the bag slides in the frame. This is done for protection and to keep the magazine upright without sagging inside the compartment, and without pressing the magazine in a tight space which could cause damage. The frames that use mylar bags are customized to fit the particular bag size.

You must tell me if you want a frame to use without the bags, because the size of the frame would be different. A frame to use without bags is made to your specifications. An acid-free backing board is supplied.

If you have any questions just ask. Magazine frames can be customized for most variations in size.

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Add Mylar Bags to your order:

I am pleased to offer the highest quality Mylar-D bags, the same type used by the National Archives and the Library of Congress. Not commonly offered, they preserve for 100 years instead of the usual 3-5. Learn more about these bags!

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