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Double 8 1/2

It's a double, Easy-Change Children's Art Frame.     Kids love this frame!!!      8 1/2" x 11"  Standard Paper size.

Frame 2 masterpieces side-by-side with the frame that kids love to change out by themselves. It's so easy, it's fun!

It's basically a thin shadowbox frame with just enough room for buttons, strings and popsicle sticks, but also works great with regular paper. Each frame includes a backing/mounting board to mount or support the artwork. 

Kids really dig it. It's easy to handle. You can turn it upside down, stand it up on a table, put it on a shelf, or hang it of coarse. The plexiglas is very unlikely to break and it's very easy to take out and clean and replace if ever needed.

Select a color or wood stain for your frame:
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