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Children's Art Frame - 11
Children\'s Art Frame - 11\" x 17\"

Children's Art Frame. It's a thin shadowbox frame where the length, width, and depth can all be customized up to 12"x18". There's plenty of room for buttons, strings and popsicle sticks, but regular paper also works great. Each frame includes a either foam board or thin white backing board to mount or support the artwork. Both are acid-free.  

If you have a slightly different size artwork I can customize the frames to fit your medium.

For example: If you say, Sam, In our class we do mostly finger painting on paper that measures 11 1/2" by 17 1/4". What do you recommend I use? I would say that's basically flat so you shouldn't have any problem taping it to foam board and slide the foam board in the frame. I'll give you a little extra space in the frame and make it 11 9/16" x 17 5/16". 

Then you say, " Ok. What about when we do crazy things like add sticks buttons and pieces of rope, will the frame still work in that case? And I would respond, "Sure will. Just use the thin backing board. Our standard depth is about 3/16" and will fit most of these little 3-D pieces when mounted to the thin backing board. We can also customize the depth up to about 1/2" or so if you need more space. You can actually glue the backing board to the inside of the frame and then glue stuff to the backing board. Just don't use more glue than necessary so you can change the backing board out for more projects."

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